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Epson XP-3100 Ink Cartridges

The 19 printer consumable products below are guaranteed to work with your Epson Expression Home XP-3100.

Standard and high capacity ink cartridges for use in the Epson XP-3100 can be bought from our website for exceptionally low prices.

On this page you'll find a host of offers on single cartridges and multipacks, in addition to an expert review of the machine itself for your reference.

Customer Questions & Answers:

Below, you'll find questions and answers from our customers

  • Can I use the cartridges I have in stock in my new Epson Expression Home XP -3100 , the old stock are E-T18XL

    I have unused cartridges E-T18XL are they comparable with Expression Home XP-3100

    Asked by Jenny - Published over 3 years ago

    • Sorry but I am afraid your old cartridges will not work in this printer. This printer only accepts Epson 603 cartridges
      Answered by Simon B - Published over 3 years ago
  • are there compatable cartridges that work available for the epson xp3100

    Epson xp3100

    Asked by Strudlemire - Published over 3 years ago

    • Not yet, however as this is a new product it may become available in the near future, I would advise to check back.
      Answered by Sarah (Customer Service) - Published over 3 years ago
      Answered by The Matriarch - Published over 2 years ago
  • The xp3100 costs£45 the price of cartridges is the same ?...

    Why is this a rip off

    Asked by Bryan - Published over 2 years ago

    • The cost of printers can vary and the printer manufacturer's offer these at attractive prices and make little money on them. The price of cartridges does vary also depending on the type of cartridge. This type of cartridge is one of the latest technology so will be set at a higher price. Over time prices can lower as they become more popular.
      Answered by SteveW - Published over 2 years ago
  • compatable cartridges XP 3100

    Hi, will your compatable cartridges work yet in the XP 3100, Thanks

    Asked by Anonymous - Published over 2 years ago

    • Unfortunately we don't currently sell compatible cartridges for your printer.
      Answered by LouiseB - Published over 2 years ago
  • XP-3100. What no black?

    What no black compatible cartridges for XP-3100

    Asked by Alan Holmes - Published over 2 years ago

    • Due to higher than normal printing needs for home working and schooling stock is in very high demand. The items should be back in stock soon
      Answered by HannahM - Published over 2 years ago
  • Do cartridges for a wf2630 fit xp 3100 series

    Black has run out

    Asked by Jeremy Lowe - Published over 2 years ago

    • I am sorry no the Epson Workforce WF-2630WF take the 16 and 16xl inks the Epson XP-3100 printer takes the 603 and 603xl inks
      Answered by Cartridge People - Published over 2 years ago
  • Have just replaced 4 cartridges in my Epson XP-3100 printer ( 4 compatable cartridges) Printer now refuses to print. Says "dont recognise the new

    My Epson XP-3100 refuses to print with non Epson ink ???????

    Asked by Assa marra - Published over a year ago

    • If you could please email your order number and query too [email protected] and someone will be able to assist you.
      Answered by liftman - Published over a year ago
  • What is a Maintenance Box and how do I replace it?

    My printer is an Epson XP-3100. and the prod no. for the Mnt Bx is C9344

    Asked by Mr Knowles - Published 1 month ago

    • Please contact our Customer Service team on 0203 001 0234 or by email at: [email protected] where we can assist you further. Thanks.
      Answered by SteveW - Published 1 month ago

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