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Lifetime Printer Guarantee


As part of our unwavering commitment to providing UK consumers with the best performing ink and toner cartridges at the lowest prices, we offer Cartridge People “Own Brand” products. These ink and toner cartridges have been sourced by our industry experts and undergone stringent testing to ensure they act as outstanding low cost alternatives to original cartridges.

Our Lifetime Printer Guarantee Promise To You:

"We will repair or replace your printer where our own branded cartridges have been found to have caused damage."



High quality printing, low cost prices

On each individual product page for our own brand cartridges you’ll find a comprehensive list of compatible printers so you can be sure you’re buying the right cartridge for your machine. Every own brand cartridge we offer has a page yield that is at least the same as the equivalent genuine cartridge or in many cases, actually possesses a higher page yield.

You can expect to see a standard of printing you’ll be happy to share and keep whether you’re using a compatible ink cartridge for your home photos or rely on a toner cartridge to carry out your business document printing.


Using Cartridge People Own Brand Cartridges

There is a common misconception when it comes to using compatible cartridges in your printer. Many people wrongly believe that the use of such cartridges will invalidate the warranty on your printer if the machine develops a fault.

We have in place a Lifetime Printer Guarantee so you can buy Cartridge People branded cartridges with confidence. This means that if a Cartridge People own brand cartridge has caused an issue with your inkjet or laser printer, we will cover the cost of repairing the machine and if necessary, replace the printer.

Because of our Lifetime Printer Guarantee, there’s no need to be concerned about using our own brand cartridges at home or in your office. Put simply, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of the significant savings that can be made by making the switch from original to Cartridge People’s own brand products.

Terms and Conditions

Cartridge People's "Lifetime Printer Guarantee" is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. The Lifetime Printer Guarantee only applies to Cartridge People Own Brand ink and toner cartridges.

2. This guarantee does not cover compatible products listed on the Cartridge People website that are not Cartridge People Own Brand cartridges. It also doesn't extend to compatible products bought from other retailers or original manufacturer products (OEM).

3. Any issue with your printer has to have been caused by a Cartridge People Own Brand product(s) for the guarantee to be applied.

4. If an issue has been caused by a Cartridge People Own Brand product, we may request to see evidence of this via photographs and may even cover the cost of an engineer to provide support prior to agreeing to issue a replacement printer.

5. In the first instance, we will always offer technical support via telephone to try and address any issues that may have been caused through the use of Cartridge People Own Brand products.

6. Should it be found that our Own Brand products have caused an issue with your machine that results in you requiring a replacement, Cartridge People will provide a replacement printer from our available stock and reserves the right to replace your printer with a refurbished model. We will always endeavour to provide a replace with similar specifications, but printers are always evolving and so features do change. Please note that we may replace your printer with a model offered by another manufacturer to the your original printer.

7. In the event of a replacement printer being required, Cartridge People reserves the right to issue a replacement machine from our available stock, made by a different manufacturer than the one of the printer being replaced.

8. By "lifetime", we refer to the length of time you continue to use Cartridge People Own Brand products in your machine.

9. This guarantee does not extend to any accidental damage to your printer at any time.

10. This guarantee does not extend to issues with your printer that are not related to the use of ink or toner cartridges. This includes but is not limited to paper jams, broken paper trays, LCD display no longer working, electrical faults and connectivity issues.

11. This guarantee only covers the replacement of a printer and is not exchangable for a monetary amount.


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